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A better word for lazy?

Posted on December 26, 2016
Trying to think of a better word for lazy. I mean a nicer word. I can't think of one. I guess I will use it. It goes something like this.....  I''m lazy.
No 5 alarm surprise there however 2017 will perhaps indicate otherwise.
I have songs qued up for a new album and several places waiting for me to confirm a date with them.

February stands for FAWM

Posted on February 6, 2016
Back in the saddle again.2016 has all the ingredients for perfect songwriting. FebruaryAlbumWrittingMonth  or FAWM is the perfect online answer to make everyone try a little more seriously to finish something and put it out there.   Good luck.

Summer Concert Series

Posted on June 18, 2015
A couple gigs 7-6-15 & 7-26-15 at Swedish Hospital in Seattle. For a good cause & time!  Come on down!!:)

Gigging again!

Posted on April 25, 2014
April 28th I'll be on KPTZ  91.9 FM doing an interview at 1PM. On May 3rd I'll do another KPTZ radio interview between 4 & 6 PM . At 7PM I'll be doing a show at The Boiler Room in Port Townsend WA, Should be lots of fun. I'm looking forward to it.

Action for The City

Posted on January 5, 2014
I wrote a song a few years ago and didn't think it was very good. Fast forward... right now people are actually requesting it. Some nice things are happening because of it and I look forward to sharing it soon. A rough demo at the very least.  I think it is very good music for a movie by the same name The City. Even if I did originally call it Concrete Sidewalks.

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