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STEVE JORDAN: Song For An Ocean

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STEVE JORDAN: Someone To Love

Song For An Ocean & Someone To Love - 2Audio CDs
Find them @ for $15.00


Song For An Ocean & Someone To Love - 2Audio CDs
Find them @ for $15.00

Fourteen charming songs reminscent of an
early Gordon Lightfoot or Jim Croce.
These songs are ones to be remembered.
SOMEONE TO LOVE is a mix of songs including urban love as in LISTENING TO THE RADIO and the yearn to go back home again as in SOMEONE TO LOVE and the spiritual WE'VE GOT LOVE .
Images of riding on a horse-drawn sleigh are vividly expressed in ON CHRISTMAS. The song EMMA conveys a simple message to realize the miracle of birth by simply looking into a child's eye's.
TYPICAL DAY is a day in the life of a farmer.
BUILDING BRIDGES can be metephorically as well as literally interpretated.
RAIN FALLIN' DOWN was written on a sunny day and ROADSIDE DISTRACTION from pure imagine.
LOVE IN MY HOUSE & MY ONLY HOPE are top-notch crafted songs as well as LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL which was written with Taj Mahall in mind. APRIL has a great sentiment to it and DENVER tells about the wanderlust in a man's heart.
Combine the music of the country dobro and acoustic guitars with a dash of syn. cello and rich-timbre baritone singing and you have Steve Jordan's songwriting style.

Released 2008
"Imagine a road trip comparing notes with a songwriter ala Gordon Lightfoot or Cat Stevens & you'll never forget the time.
Recommended if you like James Taylor, Gordon Lightfoot, Jim Croce." a comment from

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