Bio Facts to read while listening to SOMEONE TO LOVE , or SONG FOR AN OCEAN Born in Muskegon, Michigan and raised near Chicago Steve now lives on an island in Puget Sound with his wife and pets and lots of music 1962 GREENSLEEVES is recorded on a 45 single with Steve playing solo piano 1963 Steve shelves the piano and teaches himself guitar and writes a couple songs 1973 Steve plays his first paying gig in an Oregon country church basement 1980 Steve is invited & plays for the USS Enterprise 1980 Steve is on KZAM-FM's Off The Record Show 1981 Plays at the 10th Annual Folklife Festival 1981 Records a jingle for a dating club after they hear him singing at an open mike 1981 Steve is on KBCS's Homgrown Show" 1981 Records “Directions” sold on cassettes 1983 Plays at the 12th Annual Folklife Festival 1983 Plays on KBCS's "Homegrown Show" again 1983 KEZX Radio picks up “Song For An Ocean” for inclusion to their “hit” 1983 double compilation LP entitled “The KEZX Album Project” 1984 Records another jingle for the Island County Fair which is used for a couple of years Plays at the 1998 27th Annual Folklife Festival Plays at the 2000 29th Annual Folklife Festival June 2005 Someone To Love CD project is published August 2005 Someone To Love CD is released July 2007 the KSER-FM Interviews July 2008 Song For An Ocean CD is released