From the recording When I Get Home


Pour me another up of coffee, make it strong enough to bite
I don't want to fall asleep behind the wheel tonight
I'm coming up the coast from Mexico, looking for an end to this old road
and a woman I can really hold ... when I get home
They say the legal limit is eight hours at a stretch
but do they know my bills or mountain of my debt
I'd like to kick the habit for a week
I swear I would return and drive the heat
if for only one more day you'd kss my cheek...when I get home
When I get home I'll hear you softly whisper
words that were only meant for me
promises I made are ther for you to take
and hold to till the next time that I'm there...when I get home
So I'll still have my coffee no sugar and no cream
Another length of hiway is longer than it seems
I thank you for the thermos that you ppoured,
you;ll get the tip you earned and someting more
I push that pedal harder to the flooor.. till I get home
Until I get home I'll hear the thunder of wheels beneath my feet as they roll
And the only saving grace is thinking of your face
And I'll feel like I never have before.... when I get home