1. Dulcimer Man

From the recording Dulcimer Man


Dulcimer man strums with his hands His notes filter down soft and clear Sitting alone feeling at home When the crowd stops to listen and hear And the crowd picks it up, his rhythm of love And feels relaxed in their chairs, The sounds they drift by, they laugh and they cry And they give us something to share Beauty is something we all pray for In our dreams that we hope to relive And like rain falling soft on the meadow We all have some beauty to give, We all have some beauty to give… Soft lights and wine, some music with rhythm, Friends at the table and bar A laugh and a smile, they stay for a while And they don’t even care where they are A girl near the stage, guessing your age You’re flattered and call for a drink Break time is near, so you’ll be clear To tell her what you really think… Now the strings feel fine, the music’s’ in time Your fingers are part of the wood, The brush of the quill follows your will And is making the evening sound good A nod and a smile from the manager’s aisle Gives hope for the days yet to come Playing for meals and the good time you feel Keeps playing for friends so much fun