From the recording Song for Suzanne


By the side of the road she stood waiting for a ride
It must have been a long wait for there were no cars in sight,
I slowed down to take a look and thought that she looked fine
So I gave a ride to that young girl to help me pass the time

Heading East into the rain I asked her where she’d been
Out on the highway, looking for a friend
A country girl where life was slow her parents were a strain
She’d come out on the highway to chase the endless plains...........

............Oh, Suzanne was the name that she gave,
She was twenty years of age
Any man can tell you quite plain
How lonely it gets in the rain

Stopped in at a diner and to let the rain slow down,
Talked about how farm life was, the factories and towns
I asked her what she wanted, most of all in youth,
She said have fun, see the world, honesty and truth

I looked out of a window & saw the rain had gone,
She asked me how much further she could ride along
I saw that it was getting late the sunset was on fire,
I said that she could ride along but soon I would be tired..............

Drove 'bout twenty miles & I wondered what to say,
I pulled up to an old motel & I wondered if she’d stay
Now she could sleep here in the car if she wanted to,
I wasn’t going to ask of her or tell her what to do

She looked at me right in the face and told me with her eyes
That she would like to come with me and lie by my side,
So I went in and got a room and I took her by the hand
That same familiar story of a woman and a man..........

Later the next morning I came to my road’s end,
She stayed with me another day then I went back again
She said that she had gained a friend that she could come back to,
If she were out traveling or just feeling blue

So I took her to the highway & I waved one last goodbye,
I wondered if she would return or maybe even try
Even though I knew that girl for such a little while,
I won’t forget her tenderness or kindness in her smile.........