1. April

From the recording April


April brings me flowers whenever I feel blue,
She knows just what to do when I feel sad,
She never makes me mad, when we’re talking on the phone
And I think I know the time she’ll come to town

She’s living off the land her father owned,
She’ll take you by the hand when you’re alone,
And sing to you a story, of promises and love
And springtime never ends when she’s around

Now a cafe in the city is where she’ll often go
A one night out a week is what she’d spend
Meeting with a friend, a music man at night
And get to know him well with just a smile,

I’ve never known April to cry,
She’s up and she gets down but she gets by,
And if I feel lonely, I know that she will care
And come by just to comfort me awhile

There’s a couple years between us, though neither of us care
We share a common bond never gone
And if it seems too long, the time that’s in between
We both know how it feels to say hello.....

April is a soul I respect,
We share each other’s secrets never said
& when it’s been too long, I’ll call her to my side,
To remember those good feelings we both know

April brings me flowers whenever I feel blue