1. Denver

From the recording Denver


I went down to Denver and I found myself a friend
She put me up a while I hoped would never end
I spent some time looking ‘round, not knowing what I’d find
In the Colorado capital and in Rocky Mountain Time

Now I guess that I was lucky to have found a friendly face
Who showed me where to visit and the highway I should take
She spent her free time with me and offered what she could
She’s one of the reasons why Denver felt so good..

Now I’m going back, you know it won’t be long
I need to see my friends for they’re what make me strong

Well, I got up to the mountains, beyond the city’s reach,
And saw the town of Denver lying at our feet
The highway would connect us and slowly twist uphill
The time it took to travel it was short enough to fill

I looked across a meadow where snow lay undisturbed,
I thought about my new love and all she deserved
The Sun would touch the mountains, the day would slowly end
And I would go back into town to think of where I’d been...

Now I’m going back, you know it won’t be long
I need to see my friends, for they’re what make me strong

Now I wasn't very long in town before the snows would fall
The cafes seemed like havens when icy winds did call
At times a new musician would soothe us with his song
As we sat and drank our coffee, and talked into the dawn

Now any town may look the same from those you’ve seen before
With offices and movie shows and no name little stores
The things I do remember, of places I have been,
Are people and their faces and those who I call friend