From the recording Rain Fallin' Down

Proof that there is no shame in lame song titles if the song works.


Rain falling down and I feel a little frown,
& I don’t know why, I can’t fly away today.... today,
Well I made a deal for what I do
So where I go I can never lose, my old highway....

18 wheels and a load of freight
Roll all night down the interstate, I use...I use
And when I’m tired I drive on through
Think about the times I use to have.... with you,

All my life’s a sunny day, driving down the old highway,
Thinking of the places that I’ve seen
Across the river through the woods
Along the valleys I’ve felt good
Through the night and day I’ll always roam...
And I guess I choose the highway for my home

I think I know this road by heart,
Every highway sign, and mileage mark pass by.... by & by.....
I drive ahead, but look behind,
Hear the gears up the hill I climb... whine,

Distant lights of a truck cafe
That’s never closed a single day I know...yea I know,
‘Cause I stop on in when I’m passing by
Grab a meal in the day or night, to go........ yea you know.........[chorus]

In the winter’s chill or the summer’s heat
This rig I drive never missed a beat so far.... so far,
The miles go by as I roll along,
The motor’s noise is the only song I hear... out here,

I drop my load at the highway’s end
Collect my pay and once again I’m gone, I’m gone
Most of what I know I need
I get from driving down the road for see......


Rain coming down and I feel a little frown,
& I don’t know why I can’t fly away today........yea today....