1. Typical Day

From the recording Typical Day

Wrote this one on the back seat of a bus.


I jumped up this morning, I got right out of bed
I wondered ‘bout my woman, she looked at me and said,
You’d better feed the chickens before you get dressed
Or they won't ever want to leave their nest

I said why did you say that, you know the work gets done
I feed them every morning, but I’ll walk & I won’t run
She looked at me and smiled and came gave me a hug
Now that’s what I call real love

I work our forty acres, I grow a single crop
I’ll live to be a hundred if they don’t make me stop
I don’t think that it’s possible because I pay my way
There’s no one around I’d let buy this place

It’s a typical day where I’m living
I’m happy doing what I want
The lawn is mowed the field is plowed
I’ve paid for what I’ve got

Everyday I get the mail, right along the road,
I don’t see too much traffic only mice and crows
And even though I’m distant I’ve got a good rapport
With all my fellow creatures who choose to live outdoors

Now my wife is something special, right there by my side
She knows that I’m not perfect but she doesn’t seem to mind
I sit down at the table, she brings me something new
There’s nothing in this world for her I wouldn’t do

Still I play my music, my kids might join in too
Douglas plays the saxophone, Margaret plays the flute
The magic of the moment is in a single tune
A symphony created in the living room

I’m a happy man in the country
I’m a happy man with my wife
On a typical day where I’m living
I’m happy working hard in my life