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Steve Jordan: Music

Building Bridges

(Steve Jordan)
words & music by Steve Jordan
Building bridges is what I do,
I learned the trade after school
Like my old man I do the same,
I’ve got my pride, I have no shame

Hours are long when I walk the steel
I love the Sun and how good it feels
I move supplies and I guide the crane,
I bolt together the steel work frame

And after work I see the guys,
Chasing women with no style
What the hell I guess I did the same
Long ago, when I was their age....

I’ve got my family, I settled down,
A thousand miles from here right now
Another week & I’ll be home,
The nicest feeling I’ve ever known

--- Guitar solo ---

For right now it’s back to work,
Bending steel and moving dirt
I’ll stay here ‘till the final strut
Is welded tight and painted shut

And every night it’s dinner out
A motel room or someone’s couch
I keep track of the things I’ve done
One day I’ll look back for fun

I save my money so I can quit
One day then I can take a trip
& if I have a span to cross
I hope it’s my bridge that I walk.......

Building bridges is what I do
I learned the trade after school
Like my old man I do the same
I’ve got my pride I have no shame