1. Friends

From the recording Friends


I was hoping that today you might say that you sure free
to spend some time for going out my way .....
And it entered my thoughts as I walked down the road,
that you might just call out my name....

I don't know where you've been,
and don't feel I want to ask
What you've done and you've known,
don't care to dig into your past

And the thought had occurred, you might not want the hurt
you might not need a friendship right now
Well, friends are around if your feeling down,
and you need someone to listen to your words.............
Friends I've had quite a while
are bonded close with a trust
One of the things that binds us close
is caring for each other when times get rough

Now you might concur that when you're feeling sure,
Things are bound to seem to go all right...
But what you feel inside you k now that you can't hide
you can't lock up your feelings from the world,..........
you don't know where you're going to go,
and what you've felt you can not say,
Well, if you're ever feeling down,
learn to cry, but don't run away.............

Further down the road I was told there as a chance
perhaps you'd like to share my company,
I wonder at sometimes you'd mind I was away,
The peace I feel I get from being free............
I don't know where I go ,
I just let my heart drift........
But I always return,
I think about my friends & the times I’ll miss….