A better word for lazy? 


Trying to think of a better word for lazy. I mean a nicer word. I can't think of one. I guess I will use it. It goes something like this.....  I''m lazy.

No 5 alarm surprise there however 2017 will perhaps indicate otherwise.

I have songs qued up for a new album and several places waiting for me to confirm a date with them.

February stands for FAWM 

Back in the saddle again.2016 has all the ingredients for perfect songwriting. FebruaryAlbumWrittingMonth  or FAWM is the perfect online answer to make everyone try a little more seriously to finish something and put it out there.   Good luck.

Summer Concert Series 

A couple gigs 7-6-15 & 7-26-15 at Swedish Hospital in Seattle. For a good cause & time!  Come on down!!:)

Gigging again! 

April 28th I'll be on KPTZ  91.9 FM doing an interview at 1PM. On May 3rd I'll do another KPTZ radio interview between 4 & 6 PM . At 7PM I'll be doing a show at The Boiler Room in Port Townsend WA, Should be lots of fun. I'm looking forward to it.

Action for The City 

I wrote a song a few years ago and didn't think it was very good. Fast forward... right now people are actually requesting it. Some nice things are happening because of it and I look forward to sharing it soon. A rough demo at the very least.  I think it is very good music for a movie by the same name The City. Even if I did originally call it Concrete Sidewalks.

Time To Be Present! 

I'm thinking of a new song about what almost everyone would like to have and haven't quite got the music down or even created to start broadcasting it but hopefully It will now manifest and come forth. Ha ha ha.

I  "discovered" a new radio station about a month ago while finally getting around to putting in a sound system into my workshop, (like I'd really be able to hear it there), and now I'm going to be moving. Damn. the good thing is I may wind up in Port Townsend, WA where the station is located…

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Record Number of website visits 

I believe the internet is the salvation for music. I have had so many requests and visits It's hard to keep up with the demand. Thank you to everyone who is downloading my music and or buying my  CDs. Thank you. I wish I could thank you individually and try when my schedule permits. Ciao for now. Steve

St. Augustine 

Just got back from St. Augustine where I wrote a song that I feel really good about. A bonus is a local gang of fellow songwriters seemed to like it as well! More to come.

Lightfoot ahead in YouTube Numbers 

I'm glad to see Gordon Lightfoot is pulling YouTube veiwers to me by way of watching me do covers of his.

Both Did She Mention My Name & Albert Bound are being received well.  Thanks Gord!

Song Disaster? 

For What It's Worth Dept.

Almost had a disaster while using the computer to write a song. Nothing so mundane as hitting the wrong key and wiping out what I'd thought of. As I reached over and lifted a bottle of fountain pen ink over to the side, I hadn't screwed the lid tight and it spilled on my desktop and keyboard. I spent the next 2 days Q-tipping ink off the solid state circuitry  and managed to save it. Whew.  Lord knows why I don't stick to using my fountain pens.