Time To Be Present!

I'm thinking of a new song about what almost everyone would like to have and haven't quite got the music down or even created to start broadcasting it but hopefully It will now manifest and come forth. Ha ha ha.

I  "discovered" a new radio station about a month ago while finally getting around to putting in a sound system into my workshop, (like I'd really be able to hear it there), and now I'm going to be moving. Damn. the good thing is I may wind up in Port Townsend, WA where the station is located! KPTZ is the best station I've heard since Whole Wheat Radio went off the air in Talkeetna, Alaska. Better than some college stations because they aren't as interesting and the quality is next to CBC Radio1 & CBC Radio 2, if you can pick up those Canadian stations.


I've played a couple times at the local Greenbank (WA) Store,sold CDs and been fed well by Brian Cedars, the owner.  And of course Angelo's Cafe in Oak Harbor,(on Whidbey Island) gives me a good crowd when I'm not too lazy to get up there and play.

I hope everyone is well. Cheers!

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