From the recording Two Ways of Life

Pretty basic stuff here. I probably wrote it after finding some pulp book on a bus stop bench.


Springtime had come again, and he was all alone,
He thought a moment of his friends & a lost one he'd known
from early days
And as he lay there half asleep and thought of one who cared
He wondered why he'd walked away from one he knew was there all the time

Young and free adventure on the trail
Out to sea the wind would fill his sails

She stood beside a window; the curtains matched her skirt,
She listened to the wind blow, and thought of his last words, the last time
Soon I must go away to somewhere I don't know
I'm not sure why I cannot stay for cold winds they may blow
across my path

So down the road and disappear from sight
Hard to hold the dreams you have at night

Another sunrise greets them both though they live so far apart
She rose to feel the Kansas wind/rain, he held Africa in his heart a 1000 days
And she would sit and mend something apron ‘round her waist
He walked and listened birds would sing they both had found their place
in their time

Differently, they both thought they were right,
But can’t they see they live two different lives, two ways of life