Alberta Bound by Gordon Lightfoot 

Alberta Bound is a fine song written by Gordon Lightfoot. I thought an updated verse might make it more relevant in our time so with apologies to Gordon I'm processing Steve Jordan's version to be put on You Tube soon. Watch for it!

another gig 2016 ! 

Cafe' Louvre is having me Feb.19th at 6:20 !!

In downtown Edmonds,WA

Google them for directions!

Listen to When I Get Home 

I finally have sound clips for fans to hear of a song I think you'll really enjoy. When I Get Home is Ed Newkirk and myself in a studio playing like nothing matters and the result is worth listening to. And right now it's even free unless of course you are upstanding and want to download the song for listening on your i-pod  which I wouldn't mind.


I had a great time in South Africa in the Zulu-Natal region and saw the big 5 in Botswana. The working title of my latest song is "Back To Botswana". More later, sj

When I Get Home 

When I Get Home is available for digital distribution now! While this is only a demo I've already sold lots of copies! i-Tunes, Spotify, Rhapsody you name it especially and you came download it.

Africa away 

I'm taking a month off to see Botswana. I'll return by October.

Cheers, Steve

Alberta Bound lyrics by Steve Jordan 

It's hard to buy a tankful, but you know I'm feeling thankful 'cause I filled my car up just before I came And I hope I'll be forgiven, for all the miles I've driven to take me where I've never felt the same And if I'm feeling tired and my thoughts are uninspired, I know a place to head for fertile ground Just across the border, where frosty nights seem warmer It's there I go to know I'm safe and sound written by Steve Jordan c.2010

About Alberta Bound 

I made a quick video of Gordoon Lightfoot's Alberta Bound. I wrote the last couple of verses to make it more timely.

When I Get Home on YouTube 

After waiting 24 months the copy_write came back to me for "When I Get Home" which I put on You Tube for your enjoyment. When I Get Home by Steve Jordan A song for those long driving trips. There's no place like home. Gordon Lightfoot meets Eddie Rabbit. John Denver writes about it. A truck driving song. Late night roadside diners,