From the recording Light At The End Of The Tunnel


I think I see a light at the end of the tunnel
And it’s giving me back my smile
I lost somewhere along the side of the road
Back when I was still a child

You got to move on, don’t look back
Keep your nose down to the wheel
Everybody says, you got to move ahead
But be careful of how you feel

It's a midnight night train half a mile away
Barreling' down the tracks
There ain't no time to get out of the way
Or think about what you've had
Don’t think twice to stay alive
And don’t fall in no hole
It ain’t so cool to be no fool
Or hide your head to cry

It's a long way home down a bumpy road
And nobody’s calling my name
I held my hand out many times
I’ve never had a thought of shame
I never prayed on a rainy day
Or thought it was so wrong
Taking the time to just to call mine
Or sleeping on a new mowed lawn

I’ve heard it before & I’ll hear it again
Every time I turn around
Wipe that smile off your face,
But sure don’t wear no frown
Take your time, don’t be slow
And say just what you mean
Don’t be afraid to do the dirty work.
But always come home clean

Walking along I’m singing a song
The wind’s warm on my back
A dog at my side he’s a pretty good guide
Jumping on the railroad tracks
Don’t get old or lust for gold
Or do things too extreme
I got to report that life’s too short
To live outside your dreams (repeat first verse)