1. On Christmas

From the recording On Christmas


Look out your window & look at the snow
Everything’s covered …… high & low
There’s something new to it, I don’t want to see it go

So zip up your jacket and bring down the sled
Pull up your mittens and scarf up you neck
Take a turn flying, gliding down that hill

And your dreams will seem so new.
Your dreams will all seem so true,
Your dreams will come for you……… on Christmas

There’s a horse in the pasture and a bale of hay
He stomps at the snow and he gives out a neigh
He seems to enjoy standing in that cold

And birds in the woodshed that stay all year long
Peck at the snow for some birdseed they found
Never too proud to sing for something more….to Chorus

Frost in the corner of a windowpane
Sleighs getting hitched up and I’m holding the reins
Time’s slowing down and the town is miles away

So we all bundle up and go for a ride
The horse gives a whinney to the bells at his side
I’m glad for the blanket & the love I’m sitting beside…..to Chorus

There’s a church bell ringing and it’s quarter past ten
Snows letting up and the cold’s setting in
It’s a fine time indeed to head on through those doors

Now I wish for the winter and I wish for the snow
I wish for the future and wherever it goes
I hope I remember to know what I wished for.....to Chorus